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SGF E-Mail Filter

version 1.0 (2000-03-26)

Download emailfilter.sit


An applet for extracting SGF files from text files.

To use: Drag text files containing SGF data onto this applet; it will strip out all e-mail-related header lines & prefatory text, and convert the files into Smart Go Board files (GoBd/TEXT).


To install, download and expand the emailfilter.sit (StuffIt compressed) package, which contains the following:


Description (what it is and what to do with it)

SGF E-Mail Filter

AppleScript applet. Drag & drop SGF-containing text files onto it.


Installation instructions.


The GNU General Public License.

I have only tested this applet on my system, MacOS 8.6. If you have any trouble running it, find (fix?) any bugs, or add any features, please contact me.

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