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Go-Related Link Pages

Please see these pages for a plethora of links to go pages all over the world.

The Web Go (WeiQi, Baduk) Page Index (Ken Warkentyne)

Go, An Addictive Game (Jan van der Steen)

Harry Fearnley's Main Go Page and Bookmarks


Smart Game Format (SGF) Standard

SGF Standard mailing list (ONElist): if you're a go programmer, you should be a member

Computer Resources for Go Players (British Go Association); comprehensive lists & links

Computer Go (American Go Association)

Go (WeiQi, Baduk) Rules (Robert Jasiek)

Bibliography of Go books in English (David Carlton)

rec.games.go Frequently Asked Questions (Morten Pahle)

IGS Go Archive (FTP)

Open Source

The Open Source Initiative (OSI)

The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

SourceForge.net, a free open-source project hosting service

Other Open-Source Go Projects

If you have (or know of) an open-source go-related project, please contact me. I would be happy to either host your project here or provide a link to it.

Gnu Go -- A free go-playing program

CGoban -- Unix/X11 go client, SGF viewer/editor

OpenGo -- A Go Programming Environment (Windows/MFC)

Jago -- JagoClient, the Java Go Client and SGF viewer

NNGS, the No Name Go Server (also see the list of servers below)

PilotGOne -- SGF recorder and playback for PalmOS

Dan Stromberg has written several go tools: newstosgf, which converts ASCII diagrams (such as those posted to rec.games.go) into SGF; Kentou, which reads an SGF file, and lets a student of go play back through it, trying to guess the next move in the game; and GQuiz, a question & answer drilling program.

Internet Go Servers

These are the go servers I visit; there are many more. When you're online, please say hi to davidg!


NNGS, the No Name Go Server, is a comfortable, friendly place to play online. You will usually find dozens of players online.

NNGS itself is an open-source project (source code available).


IGS, the Internet Go Server, is the original, and the biggest. You can always get a game here; there are usually hundreds of players online.

GoClub.org, the Canadian Internet Go Club and Go Server, is busiest on Monday & Thursday evenings (EST;GMT-5).

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