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SGF Summarizer: sgfsummary.py

version 1.0 (2000-03-26)

Download sgfsummary.tgz


There isn't much (yet; this will change), but what there is, you can find here. The source code is very well commented, and Python code can be (& I hope my code is :-) exceedingly easily read and understood.

Here is some example output. It is a tab-delimited text file, so it won't look good in a browser. Try importing it into a spreadsheet.


You'll need the Python language itself, freely available from http://www.python.org.

To install, download and expand sgfsummary.tgz (tarred, gzipped) archive, which contains the following:


Description (what it is and what to do with it)


The main program. Put this wherever you like. On Unix/Linux, you will have to set the mode bits (chmod a+x sgfsummary.py), and if your Python interpreter is not at /usr/local/bin/python, you will have to edit the first (#!) line. (documentation here)


SGF Parser Library. Put this in a folder on Python's path. (documentation here)


Type Class Library. Put this in a folder on Python's path. (documentation here)


Installation instructions.


The GNU General Public License; applies to sgfsummary.py.


The GNU Lesser General Public License; applies to sgflib.py.

I have only tested this code on my system, MacOS 8.6, running Python 1.5.2. I did write it to be at least minimally portable (POSIX-style command-line & stdout interface) to other platforms. If you have any trouble running it, find (fix?) any bugs, or add any features, please contact me.

MacOS users: please see the Macintosh Python Notes and the Macintosh SGF Notes.

To Do

Have any other suggestions? Want to help? Let me know!

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